Product Care

Some helpful tips for looking after your Shoes and Handbags

• Your new purchase should be protected before wear. Leather needs a wax or cream dressing together with a suitable rain protector. Suedes and Patents need the appropriate protector and leather soles need Sole Guard.

• Leather soles are a porous material, allowing the feet to breathe. However, they will absorb water in wet conditions and should not be regarded as waterproof. We recommend leather soles are protected with Sole Guard before use and are regularly treated to prolong the life of the sole.

• Leather soles are often finished with a coloured cosmetic coating which will wear off once worn, this does not affect the wearing quality of the shoes.

• Wet leather should be left to dry naturally, never by direct heat.

• Store your shoes with shoe trees and boot shapers. Shoe trees will keep the shape of the shoes, push out creases in the upper and absorb moisture from the lining. Boot shapers hold the boot upright and help prevent cracking and creasing of the leather.

• Store your handbag in the dust bag provided. Avoid overfilling your bag.

• We offer a repair service on many of our shoes and handbags, provided they have not been to another repairer. Ensure the top pieces on the heel do not wear down and are replaced if necessary. We advise against alterations to shoes or the attachment of additional outer soles.

To help maintain the appearance and prolong the life of your shoes and handbags, we recommend you clean and protect them regularly and before the first wear. The following products are available in our UK shops. Please Note: We are unable to ship care products through our online shop.


Use a protector to help guard against water marks and stains. There are different protectors for the different materials.

  • Nano Protector – For leather, suede, fabric and wool surfaces. Do NOT use on metallic, pearlised and patent finishes.
  • Patent Gloss – For patent, metallic and pearlised leather.
  • Waxed and Oiled – For waxed or oiled nubucks and leathers.
  • Sole guard – For leather soles.


Each material needs a different product to get the best results.

For Leather:

  • Shoe Cream – Nourishes leather to keep it soft. Do NOT use on handbags.
  • Aniline Cream – Fine quality cream for aniline leather.
  • Handbag Cream – Nourishes leather handbags to keep soft and supple. Do NOT use on suede, patent, metallic, pearlised, waxed or oiled leathers.
  • Scuff Cover - Formulated for children's shoes. Covers scuffs and restores finish.

For Suede:

  • Compact Suede Cleaner – Removes stains and spots from suede leathers.
  • Soft Cleaner – Removes stains from suede leathers and fabrics.
  • Suede Revive – Cleans and restores the colour to suede and nubuck leathers.