Sizing Guide (adults)

All footwear can vary in the way it fits depending on the shape, construction and materials used in the products as well as the shape of the wearers feet.

For those reasons our advice can only be considered as a guide and it remains the wearers responsibility to establish a fit that he or she is happy with.

For more detailed sizing information and advice on the fit of a specific item, please refer to the product page and click on the Size & Fit tab.

Women's footwear

Women's Shoe Size Guide

Men's footwear

Men's Shoe Size Guide

How we measure our products:

Measurements are based on a UK size 4 shoe and may vary in different sizes.

Women's Shoe Measurements

Heel height

A vertical measurement through the centre of the heel block from its base to where it meets the upper.

Platform height

The depth of the platform at the widest part of the shoe.

Handbag Measurements

Handle drop

The distance between the top of the bag and the highest point of the handle/strap when it is in an upright position.


From the top to the bottom of the bag (not including the straps/handle)

Bag width

Measured at the bags widest point when viewed head on


Measured at the bags widest point when viewed side on.

Long Boot Measurements

Boot length

The height of the boot measured vertically from the highest point to where it meets the heel block.

Men's Belt Measurements

Belt length

Please note that the measurement shown in centimetres reflects the belt length excluding the buckle.

We also show the waist size in inches that corresponds with this belt length.