4 womens standing in the shop smiling

As part of London Fashion Week’s Citywide Celebration, we recently teamed up with SheerLuxe to host a live recording of their popular podcast at our Mayfair store.

During the session, the insider style experts explored designs from our Autumn collection and shared their top tips on how to style them. Think monochromatic looks finished with sheer pop socks and statement metallic loafers and chunky biker boots with oversized sweaters and slouchy bags. Our long leather boots also sparked so many styling ideas, with the team finally settling on a french-inspired look by wearing with a mini skirt, white T-shirt and blazer. All in all, it was truly a masterclass in how to elevate the everyday from the feet up.


vase with red flowers, books and candles on the wooden table
4 womens sitting on 2 sofas and 4 pair of boots underneath the image
women presenting black boot to other and 2 female djs playing music
Russell and Bromley Motor boot in black
Russell and Bromley Xlarge heels in black
Russell and Bromley Jane heels in brown
Russell and Bromley SprintLace sneakers in navy blue
Russell and Bromley Posh heels in gold
Russell and Bromley Solo platforms in black
Russell and Bromley Snipped heels in black
Russell and Bromley Jane heels in mustard